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Sunday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 1st Oct 2017)
Thursday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 28th Sep 2017)
Twosday Tuesday - Buy One Get One Free On Pizzas Coupon (to 28th Sep 2017)
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Pay 30% Less on La Carte Pizzas By Using Pizza Hut Promo Code Coupon (to 20th Aug 2017)
Saturday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 6th Aug 2017)
Monday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 5th Aug 2017)
2 For 1 On Pizza Orders Coupon (to 1st May 2017)
Pizza Hut Promo Code - Large Pizza For $3 Only Coupon (to 31st Mar 2017)
Wednesday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 31st Mar 2017)
Pizza Hut Promo Code - Order Personal Pan Pizza And Get A Treat Coupon (to 3rd Mar 2017)
Pizza Hut Promo Code - Spicy Tandy Wings For $1 Only! Coupon (to 2nd Mar 2017)
Pizza Hut Promo Code - $1 Treats Coupon (to 2nd Mar 2017)
Get Flat 25% OFF Mouth-Watering Pizza Coupon (to 28th Feb 2017)
Buy One Get One Free Pizza Coupon (to 12th Jan 2017)
Buy One Pizza Get One Free Coupon (to 31st Dec 2016)
Get 50% OFF On Luscious Pizzas Coupon (to 17th Dec 2016)
Special Wednesday, Friday & Saturday Offer! Buy 1 Get 1 Free Medium Pan Pizza Coupon (to 30th Nov 2016)
50% Off Orders Coupon (to 1st Nov 2016)


22nd Aug2018: Eid Mubarak to all! Wishing everyone lots of happiness and prosperity from all of us at Pizza Hut! 😀
13th Aug2018: Order a Large Pan Pizza Online & get a Complimentary Starter! Your starter can be a delectable portion of Chicken W…
10th Aug2018: What would you like to watch this Friday night with your Pizza? 😉 #PizzaTime #MovieNight #PizzaHutSL
9th Aug2018: It’s looking like a Pepperoni-licious Thursday! 🤔
4th Aug2018: Grab a slice of that Peri Peri spiciness and enjoy a delicious burst of flavour in your mouth! 😃
31st Jul2018: That moment the cheese drips off a tantalizing delight of our new & improved BBQ Chicken Pan Pizza! 😍 Accompanied b…
29th Jul2018: Order our all new Peri Peri Chicken Pizza! A spicy blend of peri peri sauce with succulent pieces of roast chicken…
28th Jul2018: Introducing 3 Delicious New Flavours From Pizza Hut! The all-new delicious Peri Peri Chicken Pizza, the mouth-water…
26th Jul2018: Here’s the final teaser for you! Our third new pizza to complete the trio of delicious flavours! Any guesses?? 😉
24th Jul2018: Introducing a delicious flavour from Pizza Hut! Guess what it is 😉 Coming Soon!
19th Jul2018: Order online NOW to enjoy our three Exclusive Online Cyber Savings Offers this July! Valid till the 31st of July 20…
18th Jul2018: Buy a Large Pan Pizza and get a Classic Large Pan Pizza FREE! Offer valid for HNB Credit Cardholders on 18th July 2…
8th Jul2018: Unscramble the letters to reveal the topping! 😃
2nd Jul2018: Inspiration and creativity starts with a slice of some delicious Pizza! ❤
1st Jul2018: Enjoy 3 exclusive online offers this July with Cyber Savings!
27th Jun2018: Pizza Hut is now open in Kalutara! 😃
26th Jun2018: Who wants the last Pizza slice? 😉
24th Jun2018: Pizza is music to my ears! 😌
23rd Jun2018: Score big with Pizza Hut’s Exclusive Online Offers! 😃 #justaclickaway
22nd Jun2018: Sharing is caring after all! 😉
20th Jun2018: Buy a Large Pan Pizza and get another Large Pan Pizza FREE!! Offer valid for HNB Credit Cardholders on 20th June 20…
17th Jun2018: Dedicated with love to all the dads out there ❤
16th Jun2018: Eid Mubarak to every family, wishing you have a joyful and pleasant Eid-al-Fitr! 🙂
15th Jun2018: Show your Father that you love them dearly! Get 2 Large Pan Pizzas for Rs. 2800/- and save up to Rs. 840/- only fro…
10th Jun2018: Pasta and Cheese can’t get better than a good, cheesy and rich Macaroni Cheese! 👌🏼
7th Jun2018: Buy a Large Pan Pizza with your Visa card & get another Large Pan Pizza FREE from the same or lesser range. Valid e…
6th Jun2018: A sausage and onion stuffed Pizzadilla is the perfect Wednesday snack!
5th Jun2018: Life is a combination of Magic & Pasta! 😃
27th May2018: A game of UNO isn’t complete without a meal from Pizza Hut to accompany you and your friends!
26th May2018: Saturday evening joys! Rainy weather, TV shows to binge-watch and warm crunchy pizza is all you could ever want on…
25th May2018: Happy times are here with Pizza Hut! Get a Large Pan Pizza, an Appetizer and 2 Chocolate Lava Cakes all just for Rs…
23rd May2018: Enjoy a taste of BBQ for an exquisite dinner with your family!
17th May2018: Free Pizza when you Pay with Visa! Buy a Large Pan Pizza with your Visa card & get another Large Pan Pizza FREE fro…
7th May2018: A fabulously delectable treat to fix your mood! 😌
5th May2018: My kinda date! ❤
1st May2018: Cyber Savings, your favorite Pizza Hut offers are extended till the 15th of May!
28th Apr2018: Head in to our outlets for a cozy experience with FREE wifi and mouth-watering pizza.
24th Apr2018: It’s time for your much awaited Pizzadilla break! 😌
23rd Apr2018: Start your week with a bit of grandeur!
20th Apr2018: Mark the end of a week with a delicious pizza treat!
19th Apr2018: Buy 1 Large Pizza and get another Large Pizza absolutely FREE! Offer valid only for Combank Credit Cardholders on 1…
17th Apr2018: Dip into pure deliciousness with Grand Dipper!
16th Apr2018: A Pizzadilla filled with delicious Tandoori chicken pieces and gooey mozzarella cheese is just the perfect snack!
15th Apr2018: Celebrate Avurudu with good vibes and a great treat from Pizza Hut!
14th Apr2018: Best wishes for a joyful New Year from all of us at Pizza Hut!
12th Apr2018: One bite is all you need to fall in love with a Pizzadilla!
10th Apr2018: A Pizzadilla filled with gooey chocolate and cream cheese is meant to be shared with the ones you love! ❤
9th Apr2018: It’s pizza-perfect in every way!
8th Apr2018: A perfectly baked light crust with sun dried tomato and herb infused tomato sauce brings you a refreshing Pizza exp…
7th Apr2018: It’s not only delicious, but picture-perfect too! #Delicious #PicturePerfect #Pizzadilla #Pizzahutsl
6th Apr2018: Pizza never judges you. Pizza understands!
4th Apr2018: A Pizzadilla can bring a smile to your face even before you taste it!
3rd Apr2018: Made with love, just for you.
2nd Apr2018: Indulge yourself in a scrumptious Pizzadilla filled with delicious cheesy goodness.
1st Apr2018: Cyber Savings from Pizza Hut! Two exclusive online offers valid only till 30th April 2018.
28th Mar2018: Buy a Large Pan Pizza and get another Large Pan Pizza absolutely FREE with your NDB Credit Card! Offer valid on 28t…
27th Mar2018: Whether or not you’re hungry, there will always be space for pizza! 🍕
26th Mar2018: A new day is a new reason to try out the fabulously delicious flavours of the Pizzadilla!
25th Mar2018: It’s easy to share and perfect to have when you want some cheesy goodness in a tortilla!
24th Mar2018: A delicious tortilla filled with a mouth-watering Hot and Spicy filling is the best way to fulfill your cravings!
22nd Mar2018: Introducing all new Pizzadilla from Pizza Hut! Seven mouth-watering flavours to choose from.
20th Mar2018: How can you resist a delicious pizza beauty?
15th Mar2018: Let your temptations lead you to a juicy BBQ Chicken pizza!
7th Mar2018: Cyber Savings from Pizza Hut! Two exclusive online offers valid only till 31st March 2018.
5th Mar2018: Pizza is your ultimate motivation!
2nd Mar2018: Pizza is the only love triangle anybody would want! 😍
1st Mar2018: Buy 1 Large Pan Pizza and get another Large Pan Pizza FREE from the same or lesser range, only with FriMi!
1st Mar2018: Pizza is love, pizza is life!
25th Feb2018: You just can’t keep your hands off pizza!
20th Feb2018: Pizza to the rescue!
19th Feb2018: Pizza has the power to heal!
16th Feb2018: Congratulations to our lucky winner Lakshan Fernando!
11th Feb2018: Pizza is my bae!
9th Feb2018: Pizza to the core!
8th Feb2018: Live life to the fullest with some delicious pizza by your side!
7th Feb2018: Weekend filled with pizza, here I come!
5th Feb2018: A daily dose of pizza does the trick!
23rd Jan2018: Buy 1 Large Pan Pizza and get another Large Pan Pizza completely FREE!
17th Jan2018: Buy a Large Pan Pizza and get a Large Pan Pizza (Classic range only) FREE!! Offer valid for HNB Credit Cardholders…
14th Jan2018: May this Pongal festival bring you good luck and prosperity!
13th Jan2018: Make resolutions that you will never quit on.
12th Jan2018: The art of flirting.
10th Jan2018: One of life’s simplest pleasures are in devouring delicious, freshly made pizzas.
8th Jan2018: Want to order some pizza? Not to worry, our delivery boys are geared up and ready to go!
7th Jan2018: Triple the fun with a Triple Treat Box while enjoying a game of poker with friends!
6th Jan2018: You don’t need to be Einstein to have a genius idea! #thinkdifferent #thinkpizza
4th Jan2018: Is there ever a better solution for dinner plans?
3rd Jan2018: Love is why our pizzas taste so good.
2nd Jan2018: Open up a box of happiness this New Year that brings joy to those around you!
31st Dec2017: Wishing you a joyous new year filled with love and prosperity.
31st Dec2017: An exciting new beginning dawns near & we wish you the happiest New Year! Thank you from all of us at Pizza Hut for…
30th Dec2017: Let’s make resolutions we will never break!
30th Dec2017: Hurry! Last 2 days to buy a Large Pan Pizza & get 50% off on your second Large Pan Pizza (same or lesser range) or…
29th Dec2017: A new year, a new beginning but the same love for pizza.
24th Dec2017: Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from our family to yours.
23rd Nov2017: Triple the joy this season with the Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box!
18th Nov2017: You’re about to enjoy a Triple Treat!
17th Nov2017: Enough said!
15th Nov2017: Buy a Large Pan Pizza and get another Large Pan Pizza FREE!! Offer valid for HNB Credit Cardholders TODAY ONLY! (15…
7th Nov2017: The all new “Don’t Cook Tuesday” with Pizza Hut. Buy a Large Pan Pizza & get another Large Pan Pizza FREE!
6th Nov2017: Super Saver from Pizza Hut! This exclusive online offers are valid till 30th November 2017.
3rd Nov2017: Happiness = Pizza
28th Oct2017: Fireworks in my mouth!
24th Oct2017: Grab a slice of our marvelously delicious Szechuan Chicken Blaze Pizza and experience absolute pleasure!
23rd Oct2017: Pizza Hut to the rescue! Slaying hunger with deliciousness…
21st Oct2017: This weekend Pizza Hut brings you a fantastic offer! Offer valid on 21st & 22nd October only. #pizzahutsl
11th Oct2017: Weekday Blast from Pizza Hut!
10th Oct2017: Let the cheese melt into your mouth with every bite.
2nd Oct2017: Have a Fiesta this October with our new exclusive online offers!
29th Sep2017: In Celebration of Children’s Day, we have the perfect deal to treat your kids! 😃
18th Sep2017: Every pizza is beautiful, wonderful and worth every bite.
13th Sep2017: At Pizza Hut you can try our delicious pasta cooked to perfection, infused with herbs & spices.
12th Sep2017: Where ever you are a delicious Pizza is just a phone call away.
11th Sep2017: The heart is always right.
10th Sep2017: Try a different topping on your pizza this Sunday. We say seafood! What do you think? Let us know your favorite piz…
9th Sep2017: This is the motto by which we pizza enthusiasts live our life.
8th Sep2017: Fridays are meant to enjoy Pizzas all night long.
7th Sep2017: Don’t just stare at your computer! Visit us at Pizza Hut and be a part of this awesomeness!
6th Sep2017: Tag a friend to whom you would gift this pizza!
5th Sep2017: The answer to all your hunger solutions.
4th Sep2017: Mondays can be tiresome, Unwind to a slice of absolute deliciousness.
3rd Sep2017: Call us on 0112 729 729, visit or install our app from the app store to order now.
1st Sep2017: Everybody loves spending time with a pizza…
31st Aug2017: Over the years we’ve learnt a few tricks when it comes to making masterpieces.
30th Aug2017: There is no such thing as a bad place or time for pizza!
29th Aug2017: …because you deserve the best!
28th Aug2017: Classics never go out of style! Come try some at an outlet near you.
27th Aug2017: At Pizza Hut we don’t just make Pizzas, we make art!
26th Aug2017: Some questions don’t need answers.
25th Aug2017: One simple step for a perfect evening: order a pizza!
23rd Aug2017: At Pizza Hut we don’t just sell good food, we provide reasons to live for!
22nd Aug2017: Introducing the all new Lemongrass Prawn Zing! A delicious Pan Pizza to satisfy any pizza lover!
16th Aug2017: Buy a Large Pan Pizza and get another Large Pan Pizza FREE!! Offer valid for HNB Credit Cardholders TODAY ONLY! (16…
15th Aug2017: Pizza whilst binge watching your favourite TV Series = Heaven!
7th Aug2017: Pizza is the only love triangle I need. Don’t you agree?
6th Aug2017: Enjoy the zesty flavour of seafood while you relish this enticing pizza.
5th Aug2017: We know school can get tough sometimes, lighten up the mood with your best friend Mr. Pizza!
4th Aug2017: What better way to unwind from a hard day than a delicious pizza arriving at your doorstep! Call, order online or t…
31st Jul2017: The month has ended but the pizzas haven’t! hurry up and grab this offer today!
31st Jul2017: Yes Take a break from all that cooking and enjoy handmade with deliciousness just for you!
30th Jul2017: And television, mobile phones and chocolate but mostly pizzas!
30th Jul2017: Introducing the all new Lemongrass Prawn zing from Pizza Hut!
29th Jul2017: Hurry up before the month ends and share delicious pizzas with your friends!
29th Jul2017: Introducing the all new Fiery Wasabi Chicken from Pizza Hut!
28th Jul2017: Introducing the Magnificent 7, a Mystical Range of Mouthwatering Pizzas!
27th Jul2017: Who says money cant buy happiness? Well you can buy pizza and that’s pretty much the same thing.
26th Jul2017: Last week of July! Last week for this exciting offer to end! Hurry up and make your way in to pizza hut!
24th Jul2017: You shouldn’t waste too much time on making a great decision. Order now!!
23rd Jul2017: Happiness is spelt as C.H.E.E.S.E!
23rd Jul2017: Give your child the best only with Pizza Hut!
22nd Jul2017: Treat yourself to a taste extravagant meal only at Pizza Hut!
21st Jul2017: On Fridays we eat pizza.
20th Jul2017: Delicious Garlic Bread, feel delighted with every crunchy, tasty bite!
19th Jul2017: Three exciting offers this month to make your mouth water with delight!
17th Jul2017: Begin your week with three exciting offers from Pizza hut!
16th Jul2017: Sunday is family day and what better way to make good memories than with Pizza Hut!
15th Jul2017: Yummiest, cheesiest and finger licking delicious pizzas just for you!
14th Jul2017: Re-tweet if you’re food group is cheesy pizzas!
13th Jul2017: One bite to make everything alright!
12th Jul2017: Tell us your favourite pizza! And re-tweet!
11th Jul2017: Relish a Double chicken and cheese calzone only for Rs.400!
10th Jul2017: Yes! Grab our yummy, cheesy, tasty pizzas! Hurry!
9th Jul2017: Make Sunday Dinner plans with Pizza hut!
8th Jul2017: Taste the scrumptious pizzas and feel alive!
7th Jul2017: Be successful follow the steps! Eat pizza and Re-tweet!
6th Jul2017: With our delicious range of delectable Indian Pizzas! Only at Pizza Hut.
5th Jul2017: No party is complete without a pizza, don’t you agree?
4th Jul2017: That is why you should head to Pizza Hut, serving you delicious food and awesome deals!
3rd Jul2017: Don’t you want to taste a bite?
2nd Jul2017: Can you guess this item?
1st Jul2017: Join us this July as we have three jolly good treats for you!
1st Jul2017: Dine in, takeaway or order online the yummiest, cheesiest and tastiest pizzas! Only at Pizza Hut!
30th Jun2017: Desserts are the best way to begin the weekend!
28th Jun2017: Don’t just stare at the view, take a bite instead!
26th Jun2017: Our heart beats for pizza! Does yours?
26th Jun2017: Wishing you and your family a blissful Eid Mubarak
25th Jun2017: Stop dreaming and start ordering! Our pizzas are handcrafted with love and excellence!
24th Jun2017: You can now order online on or through the pizza hut app! Hurry up and have a delicious meal at your do…
23rd Jun2017: Saucy, tangy, delicious and freshly made pizzas just for you! Kick-start your weekend with the best!
21st Jun2017: Buy a Large Pan Pizza and get another Large Pan Pizza FREE!! Offer valid for HNB Credit Cardholders TODAY ONLY! (21…
19th Jun2017: Fix your Monday Mood with a cheesy, yummy pizza!
18th Jun2017: Now enjoy your favourite meal while watching your favourite sport. Available for Commerical Bank Credit Cardholders.
17th Jun2017: Celebrate the hero in your life, this weekend with a special offer from Pizza Hut.
16th Jun2017: Treat your father to a meal that he deserves, with this special offer from Pizza Hut!
13th Jun2017: Your visa card is also your visa for free pizza!
12th Jun2017: A perfect meal made just for you! Place your order today.
11th Jun2017: Good friends and great food is the right Sunday Mood.
10th Jun2017: A yummy chocolate brownie is what you need right now!
9th Jun2017: Can you solve this puzzle in less than one minute?
8th Jun2017: It’s Thursday! Time to swipe your visa for a free medium pizza.


1st Aug2018: Introducing 3 Delicious New Flavours From Pizza Hut!
28th Jul2018: Introducing 3 Delicious New Flavours From Pizza Hut!
17th May2018: Free Pizza when you Pay with Visa!
22nd Mar2018: Introducing the all new Pizzadilla from Pizza Hut!
23rd Nov2017: Celebrate the season with Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box!
28th Jul2017: Introducing the Magnificent 7
5th Jun2017: Game is always better with pizza!
23rd Mar2017: Savour our all new range of Calzones!
19th Feb2017: A gourmet range of thin, light crust Pizzas!!
18th Nov2016: Introducing the Grand Dipper! 12 slices, 3 mouthwatering dips!
13th Sep2016: Triple the offer, Triple the fun!
22nd Jul2016: Pizza Hut Sri Lanka introduces 3 new Indian flavours!
19th Mar2016: Not All Heroes Wear Capes
15th Feb2016: Pizza Hut හරි සිම්පල්
18th Jan2016: Pizza Hut Hot Deals
16th Jan2016: Pizza Hut හරි සිම්පල්
21st Nov2015: Gooey Chocolate Brownie with Peanut Butter & Caramel
27th Aug2015: Pizza Hut - Crown Crust Pizza (Sinhala TV Commercial)
27th Aug2015: Pizza Hut - Crown Crust Pizza (English TV Commercial)
4th Mar2015: Master Chef team challenge
9th May2014: Mommy Memories - Celebrating all the good times this mothers day
24th Mar2014: Introducing Devilled Fish & Spicy Seafood Pizza for the first time (01)
24th Mar2014: Introducing Devilled Fish Pizza & Spicy Seafood Pizza for the first time (02)
2nd Dec2013: Pizza Hut 20th Anniversary Commercial
15th Oct2013: Birizza TV Commercial
15th Sep2013: Magic Pan TV Commercial
7th Jun2013: Tradizionale Italiano Pizza - Sweet Corn TV commercial
7th Jun2013: Tradizionale Italiano Pizza - Tomato Bellisima TV commercial
7th Jun2013: Tradizionale Italiano Pizza - Pepperoni TV commercial
6th Dec2012: Double Decker TV Commercial
30th Sep2012: Pizza Hut Childhood Rocks
10th Aug2012: Pizza Hut Mayo Magic Pizza!
12th Jun2012: Pizza Hut MIA
12th May2012: Pizza Hut Sri Lanka : Mothers Day
9th Apr2012: Pizza Hut brings people together
5th Apr2012: Pizza_Hut_TVC bringing people together
25th Nov2011: Pizzas and so much more - Pizza Hut TVC 2
25th Nov2011: Pizzas and so much more - Pizza Hut TVC 1
11th Aug2011: Good Friends Good Times With Delicious Sausage Crust Pizza
11th Aug2011: Starters To Try On The Way For A Delicious Pizza
11th Aug2011: Tasty BBQ Chicken Wings
11th Aug2011: Pizza Curls and Amazing Pasta
11th Aug2011: Cheesy Pizza, Cheesy Bites
11th Aug2011: Heroes of the Day
26th Jul2011: Pizza Hot Dot

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